Never miss a deadline

Improved efficiency, higher client satisfaction

Keep a track of yours and team’s deliverables in a simple fashion. Get alerted for overruns and never miss a deadline. Ensure success for your clients and your team and both smiling always.

Plan for it better

Get complete overview and stay on top

With all promises made, get a better overview of yours and your team’s engagement. Plan for it in a better fashion and never fail to deliver on your commitments. Stay on top of your business always.

Life is not perfect

Track tasks even without a deadline

We know that life is never perfect. There are numerous tasks that doesnot have a specific deadline but needs to be done. Our task system understand this and allows you to record all your tasks, even if it doesnot have a deadline. Now never loose track of any of your deliverables.


Everything you need to manage your law firm and help succeed your team